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Authorised Warranty Service Agents for -

Mipro, Emotiva, Luxman, Martin Logan, Anthem, Paradigm, Paradigm Custom, Vienna Acoustics, Van Den Hul, Triangle, Sonus Faber, RowOne Theatre Chairs, Cambridge Audio, Rega, REL, Ruark, Audio Research, McIntosh, Elac, Vivitek.

Out of warranty repairs to -

Emotiva, Peavey, AKG, Crown, Denon, Luxman, Mipro, Shure, NAD, PSB, Boston Acoustics, Sony, Yamaha, Bose, Anthem, Primare, Paradigm, Cambridge Audio, Sherwood, Onkyo, REL, Ruark Audio, Rega, Audio Research, McIntosh, Rotel, Elac, Vivitek Projectors & many other brands.

The following is a list of equipment we service:

Mixing consoles

Theatre equipment

Portable amplifiers

Hi-Fi & PA Speakers

Hi-Fi equipment

Other various electronic equipment

100V Line amplifiers/speakers

Below are some popular brands:

Microphones & Portable PA's(corded and wireless):

Mipro and many others, please call for more information.

P.A Equipment:

Australian Monitor, Peavey, RCF, Mackie, Behringer, Cloud, Bosch, Yamaha, Crown and various other brands.

Hi-Fi Equipment:

Emotiva, Paradigm, Tannoy, Luxman, Anthem, Vienna Acoustics, Anthem, Primare, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Denon, NAD, Rotel, Audio Research, McIntosh Audio, Rega, Cambridge Audio, Ruark Audio, REL and various other brands.

Guitar Amplifiers and Effects:

Peavey and Marshall.


We also repair many brands of speakers Including Paradigm, Triangle, Vienna Acoustics, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, Cambridge Audio, Rega, Elac, Proel, RCF, Mackie, Boston (Active & Passive) Subwoofers.

Please call for information regarding services or sales of products not listed above for assistance.

Phone: (03) 9041 4626

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Mobile: 0419 365 045

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