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Projector lamps

Posted on 10 February, 2013 at 16:37
Projector lamps are quoted to operate anywhere between 3000-4000Hrs from manufactures, the manufacture warranty on lamps is three or six months or 2000-4000hrs depending on the brand. Factors that reduce the life of a lamp is the amount of times you turn the projector on and off as well as not cleaning filters on a regular basis. Never turn the projector immediately back on if the mains power is interrupted in anyway, a 5min cooling period is highly recommended or the lamp will deteriorate prematurely. Another recommendation, when you do change a lamp, it is very important to reset the lamp usage timer as this is the only indication you have to replace the lamp when due, if this is ignored the lamp can explode causing more damage from the shattered hot glass particles within the optical engine.Projectors are now being designed with LED technology and manufactures now rate the LED's to last 100,000hrs, so the projector would be  classed as maintenance free! They are also designed with 3D pass through HDMI Inputs. Physically they are quite bulky and are a little costly at the moment but I am sure the prices will come down as always but if you can afford one, they are well worth having a look. In my honest opinion the LED DMD dark chip technology has an image second to none for large screen home theater bluray movies.  

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